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Bright Capital offers through its licensed subsidiary, BC Finance LLC, non-agency custom mortgage solutions for non- prime, foreign national and Investment borrowers. Our streamlined operations encourage quick approvals and efficient closings, while making sure the borrowers ability to repay.

BC Finance LLC is comprised of a team of qualified mortgage professionals who provide custom loan programs for borrowers that do not meet standard agency financing guidelines. Our goal is to build a strong and long-term relationship with our clients.

BC Finance LLC currently offers loans in Florida, and very soon will be offering loans in Georgia, Texas and California.

*The products offered serve the needs of the home buyers, foreign nationals and property investors who do not qualify for lower rate mortgages.

*Though other companies focus on the non-qualifying mortgage underwriting, BC Finance LLC is unique in that it focuses mainly on these three markets. BC Finance LLC feels that these are the fastest growing segments of the U.S. residential lending in both size and wealth.

*Bright Capital and its predecessor company started in October 2010 as a purchaser of foreclosed, distressed and wholesale residential real estate. At inception, the Company would buy these homes, then sell them with seller financing. As the cycle turned, the Company moved away from purchasing homes and, in May 2012, solely focused on providing mortgages predominantly to the non- prime borrowers in Florida.

They focus on three(3) key criteria:

*Qualifying the borrower’s ability to pay the mortgage.

*They look at credit as an exact and human science.

*House being financed is the buyers most important asset.